Thursday, July 16, 2009

True Leaders

I find that true leaders step-up when everyone else is scared or confused. True leaders delight in clarifying the ambiguous, in accelerating into the unknown, in reconciling controversy, in tackling the daunting, and solving the complex. True leaders know little fear, they are propelled by challenge.

These are times for true leaders. Most of us have never seen more uncertainty. Will the economy recover soon? Or, as Gary Shilling asserts with 23 powerpoint slides, is the economy more permanently broken?

The truth is: no one knows.

But for true leaders there is no dilemma. They do what they always do, including:

-- being relentlessly resourceful
-- taking calculated risks
-- igniting passions, while balancing process
-- fueling the vision
-- striving for the best, while planning for the rest

These are the times when it become obvious who are the true leaders. Leadership reveals across many seasons.


  1. I heard somebody say, “Your performance gives you a platform.” When you excel in what you do, that gets people’s attention. The way to gain respect, the way to gain influence is to develop your character and skills in such a way that people want what you have. They may not agree with what you believe, but when you are the best in your company, they can’t argue with that. You’ve earned their respect, not by your words, but by your spirit of excellence".


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  2. Leaders are all of the above, but also can learn from the wisdom of the ages and rap it around their opinion of the moment.

    Kelly Hamzeh,

  3. Adapt, overcome and conquer.