Saturday, January 30, 2010

6 tips for interviewing with me...

If you are interviewing with me, read this, it should help.

These tips are based on my experience interviewing more than 3,500 people over more than two decades (an average of about 3 per week). As simple as these pointers seem, a majority of the people I interview struggle with some of them:

Tip #1: Tell me about how you are going to create value for our shareholders. I'm much more interested in how you can help us than I am in what you've done before (we'll check on that in other ways). That means: research our company, our web businesses, and bring us specific new ideas that drive value creation.

Tip #2: Tell me specifically how you would help implement those ideas. We love "hands-on" leaders with specific skills. We mostly avoid people who need lots of support to get things done.

Tip #3: Tell me honestly how working with us fits into your long-term career plans. I hear a lot of baloney; be authentic.

Tip #4: Quickly teach me something new-- about technology, business models, competitors, suppliers, or customers.

Tip #5: Ask great questions.

Tip #6: Be transparent about your needs and concerns. We're looking for self-aware people who can accurately assess whether our company is a good fit for them. Brutal honesty scores points with us and avoids misunderstandings later.

And, of course, relax and be yourself.

If you already work for us, these tips apply to almost any good meeting with me. I expect a great job interview to approximate actual work conditions as much as possible. I always want to discover how you really approach creating value.


  1. this is great advice for anyone ! mad-libbing some of subjects.

  2. Great tips for the interviewee, what are six tips you would give to the interviewer?