Monday, May 2, 2011

Internet Brands Welcomes Nolo

I am delighted to welcome Nolo to our Internet Brands family. Nolo is the leading legal publisher for consumers-- both in print and online.

We are proud of Nolo's 40 years of publishing excellence, outstanding content team, powerful author network, and mission-driven culture.

It's been a pleasure getting to know Nolo's visionary founders Jake Warner and Toni Ihara.

What are our plans?

1. Expand Nolo's lead as the best consumer legal publisher in all formats (print, ebooks, web, mobile)

2. Invest strongly in the digital parts of the business

3. Capture synergies with our existing online businesses

Nolo continues Internet Brands' tradition of acquiring best-in-class assets in vertical markets, such as in automotive, careers, health, legal, and shopping. Nolo's print assets are more extensive than our previous acquisitions, but those business lines are performing well, have expansion opportunities, and are essential to the Nolo brand.

We see great opportunity with Nolo and welcome the company to our family.

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