Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some of My Favorite Twitterians

Here's what I look for in a great everyday twitter follow:
-- High signal to noise ratio
-- Insightful links
-- Enlightened POV
-- Humor

Here's some of my current AAA list:

Best Economist
@pkedrosky Paul Kedrosky is a freak of human capital: a witty, insightful, prolific economist, whose ironic take on the markets resonates with me. I find his digesting of financial news to be without peer. I almost always deprecate tweeters of his velocity (a 40,000 tweet corpus so far), but not Paul.

Best Correspondent
@Bill_Gross Among his many talents, Bill is the Edwin R Murrow of elite conferences, brilliantly reporting from his ringside seats with the rich and hyper-intelligent at Davos, TED, Web 2.0, All Things D, Milken Global and others. Following Bill's insightful and voluminous conference streams is like sitting next to Vin Scully or Chick Hearn-- you feel like you're at the game, without ponying-up the 6 figures required to join the glitterati circuit.

Best I-Banker (really, there is one)
@EpicureanDeal He uses a pseudonym for his piercing commentary, because in his line of work you must be in disguise to be honest.

Best Startup Team Tweets
The @firstround hash is fun as they canvas the world making dozens (ultimately hundreds) of seed investments, producing a consistently insightful and witty trail. And their Holiday videos are unrivaled. @joshk @hlmorgan @chrisfrc @kentgoldman

Best Social Scout
@ryanspoon Ryan's got extremely sharp eyes on what's happening in everything "social", from platforms to advertising and marketing. I learn a lot from him.

Most Eclectic
@jhagel A colleague of mine twenty years ago, John's vision of where the digital world is headed has been uncanny and prescient. His tweet stream, a favorite of mine, is robust and eclectic, unearthing all manner of wonderful things.

I'll add to this list and I'd like to hear your favorites @BobBrisco.

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