Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Welcome Aboard: Fodor's!

I love travel secrets....insider knowledge, local flavor, underground places, and so forth.

At IB, we own a few killer travel brands, such as FlyerTalk and Wikitravel.  And now we're simply delighted to add Fodor's to our family.

A WWII hero and renaissance man, Eugene Fodor began his guide book dynasty 80 years ago working on French Cruise Ships.  Today, Fodor's l00+ travel books and a massive website join our portfolio-- and we proudly welcome Fodor's employees, writers, and readers to our family.  You're a huge group of travel enthusiasts and we look forward to the journey with you!

We thank PRH for its long-time stewardship of the brands and beginning the long trek to an even more digital-centric future for the business.  Yes, we will continue to print the books-- just like at Nolo Press.  But we will also greatly expand the digital offerings.  Welcome aboard!

p.s.  I haven't posted in eons.  Apologies to many of our recent and not-so- recent acquisitions: such as DemandForce, ACE, NetDriven, nGage, and UnityWorks.  You're all doing very, very well and despite the fact that I like travel insights, I like the amazing and synergistic combination of businesses we've put together even more.  I have to say that.  But it's still all true.


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