Sunday, September 6, 2009

UGC Revolution- Part II

In my last post, I shared our statistic that 51% of all U.S. internet site visits are now to URLs created by UGC.

That stat includes social networks.

If we "zoom in" on content sites only, the result is the same: UGC sites also account for about 50% of visits to content sites.

For now, the sectors not becoming dominated by UGC are commerce and search.

% of total U.S. internet visits------------->% UGC

31% Social Networks---------------------->100%
30% Content Sites-------------------------> 50%
28% Commerce sites--------------------> 15-20%
11% Search---------------------------------> ~0%

Content is rapidly becoming a UGC dominated world.

We will share more at PubCon.

See UGC Stats Part I.


  1. Is there a real world limit to the amount of UGC content possible due to data storage limits?

    Or is the current thinking that data storage capacity will continue to get both exponentially better and less expensive?

  2. Data storage limits should not be a problem as long as content can continue to be monetized and allow us to justify the increased cost of more storage.. also keep in mind that with the cost of data storage continuing to drop it becomes even less of a problem.

    Bandwidth on the other hand is a much bigger issue, especially with the increasing demand for video content. Google spends hundreds of millions of dollars/year in bandwidth for Youtube... currently advertising revenue for YouTube is less then the cost required to operate it however newer compression technologies are now being rolled out to help drive these costs lower. As google becomes better at monetizing their video content they'll begin generating profits instead of losses.