Sunday, March 28, 2010

4 Steps to Becoming Lucky

I just came across a great article about how to become lucky. That's right-- luck is not all luck.

Based on actual field research, there are four steps:

1. Be aware and open to opportunities
2. Follow your instincts
3. Have positive expectations
4. Be resilient, turning bad luck into good

Here's the research: "Be lucky-- It's a Skill To Learn" (via @jhagel)


  1. Very interesting article, thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, nice article. I believe people who are lucky have a certain attitude and I think being thankful for what you are and what you have is the real start. It's the core to getting the right attitude. Being thankful get's rid of fear, which is the cause of anxiety. Have you ever tried being thankful for something and also being afraid of something at the same time? It isn't possible. So the next time you are feeling unlucky, think of things you are thankful for. It helps!:-) Once you notice the effect, be thankful more often. It will open doors you've never thought were possible.