Sunday, March 21, 2010


I've been writing (passionately) about how passion wins.

Now I've been thinking more deeply about passion's roots. Why are our passions our passions? What ignites them? What feeds them? This is a lofty topic, but here it goes...

For me, passion begins with inspiration. I am especially inspired by three things:

I am inspired by the talents of others. When I work with talented inventors, artists, designers, engineers, innovators, managers, leaders...I am inspired.

I am inspired by challenging ideas. When I learn of bold ideas, when I think of new ideas, when I collaborate on new ideas, when I see people pursuing their ideas...I am inspired.

I am inspired by good intentions. When I work with people who are generous, thoughtful, kind, courageous, fun...I am inspired.

People, intentions, and ideas...these three things inspire me.

"Success is not an end, but an attitude."


  1. I am inspired by people who can express themselves with clarity and brevity! Thanks Bob…

  2. Seeing through the fog to find opportunity is my biggest motivator!

  3. I agree with these three points completely - and with concept "success is not an end, but an attitude" that quote is very complimentary to one I have kept in sight over the years, which is;

    "Attitude Determines Altitude".

    I am sure that your attitude and approach to business and life has set the stage for INET to hit new heights - starting with another 52 week high on the stock price today. Congratulations.

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