Friday, March 25, 2011

I knew you would read this post...

...since my personal intelligent agent interacted with yours and calculated a 73% likelihood that you would visit this page.

Your personal agent, using algorithms learned from your online behaviors, made the prediction based on:
-- Your social graph linkages to me
-- Your interest graph linkages
-- Your prior content consumption behaviors

So you're not sure how you feel about your agent yet-- is this going to be annoying? Invasive? Insipid?

Or, is your agent potentially a best friend? A source of discovery? Of convenience? Of joy?

Like all new relationships, only time will tell. If you've chosen a high quality, sophisticated agent and invested the time to work with it, you might develop a long-term, trust-based relationship.

You might respect your agent's nuanced recommendations for navigating the web, making purchases, and finding business contacts.

Your agent is related to the current "you may also like this" suggestion engines at Amazon, Facebook, and Linked-In. But your agent is far more powerful. And your agent works for you, not for them. Your agent follows you through your web experiences like an assistant, and also works independently, interacting with APIs and other agents.

Your agent's behaviors are under your control. You tell your agent what information you like and how to deliver it to you. You tell your agent how much privacy you require and under what circumstances. You send your agent on critical missions. If your agent fails you, you might hire another.

How long before you can hire and develop an agent you trust?

Probably surprisingly soon.

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