Sunday, April 3, 2011

Got Grit?

Our company will hire considerably more than 100 new full-time employees this year.

What do we look for?
1. Talent
2. Grit

We hire only if we believe you have both. Grit works hard. Grit overcomes obstacles. Grit plays well on teams. Grit gets better over time. Grit perseveres. Grit leads.

In our hiring, we attempt to measure talent by administering tests, reviewing accomplishments, and conducting case interviews.

Unfortunately, it's more difficult to measure grit. We probe by understanding work history, interviewing references, and getting to know candidates as much as possible as people.

Unlike talent and smarts, you can't directly "show us" your grit. But you can help us discover it.


  1. you guys honestly have one of the best interviewing processes i've encountered. i applied a few months back, veronica had me on all sorts of phone interviews, tests, video conferences, spreadsheet it was intense!

    i think if one has a developed enough social media presence, you can get a feel for unquantifiable attributes like grit.

  2. Our open positions are found here:

  3. I Wanna work here!

  4. Going to be cool a place to work for. Waiting for my results.

  5. another nice, simple & enlightened post. great work!

    i would love to work for your organisation but you don't seem to have any openings for the british. let me know if you're interested in working on my side of the pond! i have plenty of semi-developed, innovative, local brands to bring to the table...