Monday, April 25, 2011

Stay gritty, my friends

Think of it as a magical state we could call "perpetual start-up mentality".

As your company scales, enjoys escalating profits, and attracts genius employees, you need to fight to hang on to your fiery, edgy, start-up impulses.

Without a doubt, developing a scaled enterprise requires moving beyond pure scrappiness-- like those constant late-night banzai work sessions with cold pizza.

However, remaining a thriving, scaling enterprise requires preserving your sharp edges, perhaps bundled with a bit more elegance.

All companies are vulnerable to the negative side effects of maturation, and technology companies especially so, if they lose their hunger. Fight to keep:
-- Urgency for innovation and reinvention
-- Distaste for bureaucracy
-- Courage to pivot
-- Raw intensity

Which brings us to the tricky balance: scaling, while staying gritty, my friends.

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