Friday, April 20, 2012

From Passion to Mission

Passion ignites and creates.
But passion alone often flames out. Passion fights process, hates to be patient, and often tramples teamwork.

Mission scales.
Mission aligns passion to purpose and to people.

Mission is the source of the endurance, alignment, and resolve needed to win for the long-term.


  1. Statement of truth! I like.

  2. then the question begs: how does one successfully transition from passion to mission. Due to their very DNA, they seem destined, to be at odds...

    1. They conflict, but also reinforce. I think the best way to manage the conflict is to begin shaping the mission from the very beginning, even in the early passionate phases.

  3. Yo Mr. Brisco,

    Wise words...however, I feel compelled to interject. I've seen substantial Passion coupled with a worthy Mission before. More often than not, the two are prerequisites for success. However, no mission is complete without unforseeable obstacles. Which is why "Adaptation" is the 3rd side to your pyramid. To obtain success, we must maintain a healthy amount of criticism toward our own future. When unforseen challenges lead us askew, only skillful adaptation will lead us to our goals & our dreams.

    -Anonymous CarsDirect Employee